Conservation International’s promise remains steadfast: to work in full transparency

Dear Editor,

Conservation Inter-national (CI) notes the article in the Stabroek News dated August 23, 2018, reporting on a social media post by Dr Jan Mangal about the role of CI in facilitating a conversation between the Government of Guyana and civil society representatives in the oil and gas sector.

Today, Guyana is at a crossroads.  Never before have the development choices faced by Guyana been so distinct, so immediate, and so important as they are today. Guyana must deal with: the increasing urgency for economic development, the substantial human capital deficit and institutional challenges, the growing challenges from external shocks such as climate change, and the emergence of the oil and gas sector that may provide significant revenues while heightening environmental risks.

 It is time that all who care about the sustainable future of Guyana assemble and work together in structured and productive ways to identify the best practical solutions for this country that we all love.

For more than two decades, CI has worked with the Government and people of Guyana to successfully build sound and long-term strategies for the care and conservation of nature which underpins human wellbeing. 

As long-time partners of Guyana’s commitment to its people and ecosystems, Conservation Internat-ional’s promise remains steadfast: to work in full transparency and inviting all those who are interested to engage with us, on solutions for securing Guyana’s future.

 Yours faithfully,

Dr David Singh

Vice President, CI-


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