GPL outages on Essequibo Coast of great concern

Dear Editor,

The constant and long power outages that we are experiencing on the Essequibo Coast is cause to be very concerned.  The situation, at the time of writing, has prevailed for the better part of two weeks.  The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) advisories through the various channels, are most times inaccurate and as such cannot be relied on.   The financial losses, the inconvenience and discomfort caused, maybe by the lack of foresight, are great.

For decades we have been reading about the millions and millions of dollars requested and injected by the Management for the extension, development and maintenance of GPL and the legitimate expectations were that these situations the residents of this region are experiencing, particularly the southern half, would have been a thing of the past.  Time have proven us to be wrong. It is correct to say that GPL has over the years done a lot of extension works throughout the country, it is equally correct to say that the maintenance aspect of their work is questionable, hence the unreliability of service.  In a nutshell they have failed to meet the growing demands for service.  The residents of Region 2 much to our credit are known to be hospitable and passive but there are times when we say enough is enough.

Yours faithfully,

Archie W. Cordis

Former AFC Councillor

Region  2

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