Dear Editor,

Politkles? Was never sure about the name of the cartoon, sorry about that, however most are reasonable satire. Friday 24th August caught me somewhat off, its naivety on the three political leaders required much more thought, cartoons are not supposed to be sarcastic, or misleading by intent, whether through ignorance or misguidance, unless they’re under political campaign and not public humour. Here we go, A – Desmond Hoyte was called ‘Desmond Persaud’ because it was perceived that he had no policies to address his urban support group. His trickle down policies would have worked if he had another term. I took him into Albouystown when Jermaine Wilkinson was murdered by an obviously high corporal Beresford in 1996. He did admit regrets for his lack of focus on the trials of his constituency, a bit too late. B – Kindly explain what policies did Mr Jagdeo extend that would be construed as reaching out to the Afro-Guyanese communities? And finally with C – President Granger, managing a coalition Government for the past three years, with a percentage of hiccups compared to? Highlight the betrayals of his administration in comparison to what we have lived and now reasonably expect?  Come on Paul, give the collection above an explanatory note for posterity.

Yours faithfully,

Barrington Braithwaite


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