Gov’t has not come clean on US congressional visit

Dear Editor,

The recent visit by a group of US Congressmen to our country is instructive.

This APNU+AFC government is so disrespectful to its own people that it sees no need to provide the Guyanese people with a believable and genuine explanation for the visit.

The bleatings trotted out by President Granger are unacceptable and aimed at deceiving to say the least. Believe you me, there is more in the mortar than in the pestle.

I have no objection whatsoever to Congress-men visiting our country. Indeed they are welcomed at any time.

It is not for American Congressmen to explain to us what was the purpose for their visit. They will report that to their colleagues in the US congress.

What we expect is that the Guyana Government will tell the Guyanese people what the visit was about.

A visit shrouded in secrecy is not good news in a democracy and is open to all types of speculations.

What is clear to political observers is that this APNU+AFC government has moved right back to where it was under the Dictator Burnham in the early 1970’s.

It will be depending on external help to keep it in office. While the US is not happy with all the corruption, squandermania, nepotism, racial and political discrimination that is taking place in Guyana, the question is will they be prepared to overlook all of this and focus exclusively on their vested interests at the expense of the democratic will of the electorate?

That is the question!

Yours faithfully

Clement Rohee

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