Preliminary Promotions List for teachers published

Dear Editor,

I note Earl John’s excellent, excellent contribution in Stabroek News of Tuesday, August 28, 2018: `Teachers wage dispute should move directly to arbitration.’

I have no wish to make a major public contribution on this controversy at this stage.  I can suggest only that all sides – repeat, ALL sides – should read, mark and inwardly digest Earl John’s contribution.

To add to the witches’ brew, the Teaching Service Commission has exceeded my wildest expectations and has on Friday August 24 published its Preliminary Promotions List, to take effect from October 01, 2018.  All the print media seem to have missed that big piece of news.

Further, the Ministry of Education along with the School Boards Secretariat has also published its promotions list.  I have not yet been able to do an in-depth comparison, but at first glance it seems to me that some teachers are being offered promotion to two different schools.

Ole house pan ole house!

Yours faithfully,

George N. Cave

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