Urgent review of judicial system needed to complement James’ appointment as Commissioner of Police

Dear Editor,

The appointment of Mr. Leslie A. James as Guyana’s Commissioner of Police by President David Granger is seen as fit, proper and appropriate.

Mr. James has, over the years, demonstrated the kind of desired professionalism as a Police Officer. He is never known to be one who pulls rank or is influenced in the execution of his duties. James is also a people person, and from those of us who have interacted or worked closely with him, fairness is his consistent hallmark.

While there has been a snide attempt to keep James in the shade, the lamp of his professionalism continued to illuminate a career path that resulted in his beaming today beyond all other svelte-like streams.

As we bestow our goodwill upon Mr. James, he must square his shoulders to endure and ensure that competence, incorruptibility, and trust is restored to the Guyana Police Force (GPF). There is no doubt that Mr. James will be able to accomplish this based on his track record.

To compliment the efficiency of the GPF however, the judicial system requires urgent enhancement to marry policing efforts and prosecutions through the application of appropriate sentences.

We cannot allow criminals, particularly persons seen as elites or untouchables, to continue to walk free from justice because of glitches, technicalities, and interpretive bungling at the judicial level. It is one of the most demotivating factors for any hard-working police force, particularly considering the scale of risks and stakes.

I trust that a judicial overhaul will be the next high priority focus of the President and Coalition Government of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Orette Cutting

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