The image of the Police Force is ebbing

Dear Editor,

Of late a lot of negative news is appearing on the front pages of our daily papers about crimes allegedly committed by members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), especially the recently enlisted officers.

 This brings into question the recruiting process and maybe the training procedures they undergo at the various Police Training Schools. Their behaviour or conduct surely does not augur well for the image of our Guyana Police Force, while they will have rogue cops.  The numbers seem to be increasing.

It may not be prudent for me to mention the specific cases, because many of them are sub juice, but quick and decisive action must be taken in order for the public to regain and maintain the confidence of our Guyana Police Force.  It is true that one swallow does not make a summer and they are many dedicated police men and women out there.  The image of the GPF is ebbing.

On a positive note, not only in ‘G’ Division, but all other divisions also, the presence of the police is more evident; foot patrols, bicycle, motorcycle and other vehicle patrols. In ‘G’ Division anytime during the day or night, you see the Police patrolling through the Essequibo Coast.

The breathalyzer test is bearing fruit. We were losing too many of our citizens because of the culture of driving under the influence of alcohol.  On the down side, unlighted bicycles, pedestrians causing obstructions (jay walking), and stray animals are on the increase.  I am not sure if the stray catching unit of the Guyana Police is functioning, or if they ever worked in ‘G’ Division. Minibuses continue to operate without the fare structure being displayed.

Generally the police in ‘G’ Division are doing a reasonable good job. 

As law abiding citizens we must all in our own little way help our law enforcement agencies.

Yours faithfully,

Archie W. Cordis

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