President Granger has strengths and weaknesses

Dear Editor,

President Granger may be in his final months of his presidency or just nearing the end of his first term. If you asked observers to name the worst thing President Granger has done in his presidency, many would say the ExxonMobil contract.

Nevertheless, in his first three years, President David G. Granger has taken bold action to restore in the country God, ethics, morality, family’s values, hard work, education, service, duty, honour, sacrifice and courage. His successes and failures have been the subject of much debate in the media and their interpretation often depends on the partisanship of the observer.

Most observers agree that one of President Granger’s biggest strengths is his ability to connect with the ordinary Guyanese and being a moralist. The President is doing a good job rebuilding and restoring integrity and family values, halting moral decline in the country, and stamping out corruption. Strong families build strong nations.   

The President is kindhearted, humble, well liked and trusted by the leaders of the developed countries like America, Britain and Canada.  He’s un-bribable, incorruptible, God-fearing, inspiring, well respected, devoted family man and a righteous man like the Prophet Job.

On the other hand, while the President may be a good man, he is also flawed. For example, he doesn’t like to be criticized and doesn’t handle criticism well, including constructive criticism.  He doesn’t always hire the best and brightest, and doesn’t discipline his ministers when they transgress.  He’s afraid of holding press conferences. In three years, he held only three press conferences, President Trump did three press conferences in one month.

President Granger doesn’t listen to the citizens’ complaints and is soft on crime, punishment and weak in understanding oil contracts and is disliked by the diaspora.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz


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