There’s no oil money at the moment, so there is nothing to propose

Dear Editor,

The WPA attack on Jaipaul Sharma is unacceptable. The WPA is being petty and partisan. The WPA is doing this on behalf of Clive Thomas who was wrong in proposing that money from oil revenues be given to the poor. He even proposed a specific amount. Clive Thomas for all his acclaim as an economics wiz, all the answers he had when the PPP was in office and not growing the economy as fast as it can be grown, Clive Thomas is now a fraud investigator. It is necessary, but why is he doing it? Why is he not growing the economy that is now worse than when it was bad under the PPP?

This discussion about oil money is happening way too early. Anyone who proposed anything about this should simply shut up. There is no money at the moment, so there is nothing to propose. Let’s wait five years and then have this conversation.

I am totally disappointed in David Granger and disgusted with Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan. This country’s social cohesion has gotten terrible in the last three years. Is the Ministry of Social Cohesion set up for the purpose of worsening social cohesion? Granger’s many actions, especially in the appointments his administration has made and the hiring practices in a 50 years imbalance in the public service has gotten worse. Much worse.

Yours faithfully,

Harrish Singh

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