WPA’s Ogunseye lacks credibility

Dear Editor,

I respond to a critique of my views on the WPA by Tacuma Ogunseye in the Stabroek News edition of August 31.

If there is anyone in political activism in Guyana that has no credibility, it is Tacuma Ogunseye. And the only political party anywhere in the world that would accept the political character of Ogunseye is an entity that is devoid of basic human decency, moral values and the fundamental principles of life.

What is left of the WPA are people who refuse to condemn Ogunseye for his hate politics and hate activism because maybe they are cut from the same cloth. ACDA parted with Ogunseye about ten years ago after he gave a hate speech at BV. This same WPA is aware of the role of Ogunseye in Buxton during the violent rampage in that village but they never even chastised  much less expelled him. Today, no mass-based political organization in or out of power takes the WPA seriously.

That party’s double standards and degeneracy are so far gone that only the remnants of the WPA believes it has staying power. I begin my reply to Ogunseye with graphic evidence of this macabre thing called the WPA. I hereby reproduce a section from a published letter of mine, in the Stabroek News dated April 13, 2018 captioned, “Ogunseye had problems with Roopnaraine’s political culture.” 

I ask readers and those interested in politics to carefully assess this quote and reflect on the barren morality of this party. Here is what Ogunseye published about Roopnaraine; “The observations you made of his politics is correct. I remember persons who knew the “Brother” told us that we will have later have problems with the comrade – their point was that his political orientation was not Guyanese or Caribbean but European. He came from the European lift (sic) culturally. I had and still have problems with the Brother politics and his political culture, but the WPA, before Walter return, and during his activism and after had always seen the anti-dictatorial struggle as a multi-class struggle – this explains our coexistence and objectively was Indian and one of the better element of the elite. There is something I would not say at this time. Tacuma.”

 In that email, he ended noting that there is something more about Roopnaraine he would not state at the time. He and the WPA should tell us what is this something. Replying to Ogunseye and exposing his dishonesty and depravity is a task a school boy would relish. Without exception, all his letters follow the same pattern – racial motives and political motives of those who criticize the WPA and the APNU.

When Ram criticized Clive Thomas on the SARA legislation, Ogunseye replied telling readers Ram, as an Indian has always been envious of Roopnaraine because Roopnaraine was a more high profile Indian. Now he attributes the identical racial motive to me. This man injects the race factor in everything he writes. In reply to Minister Sharma’s rejection of Clive Thomas’ cash transfer advocacy, Ogunseye notes; “It will be remiss of me not to point out the implicit racism in the minister’s missive.”

Ogunseye more than any other Guyanese I know has a race-based obsession. An African-based organization like ACDA has no stomach for his racist mentality. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind if an Indian seller charged an African youth two dollars more than the market price for an item, he would see it as act motivated by race. Race hate led him down a path of ugly things in Buxton for which he should have been ostracized by this country a long time ago. Ogunseye knows that I know what he did in Buxton.

Above I spoke of the ease with which a schoolboy can demolish the arguments of Ogunseye. Here is an example. He contends in his letter that Kaieteur News protects me by not publishing his letters on me. Only a complete idiot in Guyana would say such idiocy. Almost every month, there is a letter in the KN criticizing me, including a long one from PPP Parliamentarian, Harry Gill, published the day before the appearance of Ogunseye’s letter in Stabroek News. How can anyone be so ignorant?

Readers are wary of long letters so I will stop here, but here is one more example of the stupidity of this man. I quote from his letter; “… but my point is that he (Kissoon) is attempting to exploit, by highlighting, the minister’s (Roopnaraine) relative public inactivity since his illness.”

Any normal person reading that would ask why a minister of the government who is inactive because he is ill is not on sick leave rather than on the job. There is much more to expose about Ogunseye and the WPA based on that letter of Ogunseye.  Another missive from me will follow.

Yours faithfully,

Frederick Kissoon             

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