Let us promote a culture of life

Dear Editor,

It was heart-wrenching to hear of yet another accident on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway. My heart goes out to the victims’ family who must live in pain and grief. As I try to grapple with the accident, I hear about another accident that took the life of a young boy. It makes me feel sad and upset about these road accidents that could be avoided if only a person can be extra careful because once we are on the wheels we have the responsibility of being twice careful. I am afraid that we are getting used to hearing about fatal road accidents for the moment and then moving on with our lives. The victims add to the number of fatalities in the road accidents.

There is a culture of death in this world that is permeating our precious lives. At times it appears life does not matter anymore. I am afraid we have reached a stage where the more we hear, the more we will get used to it. I am advocating the culture of life. We have a responsibility for each other in this world. It is unfair to think that they are not our family or our friends. It is crucial to care for each other on our roads. I believe that we are not only driving our own vehicle but also, we are helping others drive safely. Let us promote a culture of life. Let us employ whatever measures that keep us safe on the road not only for ourselves but for the other road users. Let us not get used to the culture of death where death is accepted as if life does not matter. 

Yours faithfully,

Jerri Melwin Dias

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