Only Puran Bros. and Cevons can do the job

Dear Editor,

Oh lawd! De ting wukkin.  Why fix what is not broken?  In case my foray into the world of Creolese has anyone wondering what is happening, I refer them to the Business Section of SN and the article titled, “Row may be brewing between City and Cevons, Puran Brothers” (SN August 31).

Trouble is brewing, indeed.  And none should be fooled into either nonchalance or disinterest because schools are the current focus.  I say current focus because tomorrow is always another day with some strange unexpected development out of nowhere.  I write this as I read that the people at the contracted companies have disagreed with representations that they are not delivering at the schools.  From a residential perspective, the arrangements for garbage collection has worked as well as it has in the past when Messrs. Cevons and Puran Bros. were doing the driving.  They have delivered (uplifted): timely, consistently, and smoothly.  No complaints here; no fears too.

Well, not anymore.  Not when I learn of plans to insert a third operator in the mix, and with an emphasis on schools only (as of now).  Garbage collection is not a fly-by-night, one truck, one gallon of diesel operation.  Just like those now notorious single plane international commercial operations, they do not work, cannot get anything done on either a quantitative or qualitative level.  Not when a whole capital city and its peripheral wards are involved.  Everybody knows the trouble that I have seen as I did share right here in these pages.  I remind one and all that this is real life with health and environmental concerns that are not easily out to rest when games are played with garbage removal.  There was a lot of trash talking not too long ago that caused considerable anger; this is not the sporting world of the NBA or NFL.  This is hot, troubled and troublesome Guyana.

So, when I hear that dreaded hyphenated word “well-connected” associated with a potential third collection presence my antenna is up; I have been around these parts too long not to recognize the snake’s eyes and entrails of whatever; I know runnins when I hear it; I can smell it from a hundred miles off by now.  Well-connected in this country is a synonym for incompetence, skullduggery, and generally dirty business. 

Although garbage removal is the business under discussion, dirty should not-must not-feature.  Otherwise, citizens end up splattered and smeared all over.  Now I am aware that schools are the only part of the equation presently; but let no one be fooled.  The calculating and clever can-and do-get reckless; as in striving to seize the whole kit and caboodle.  Think residences; think the whole town.  There is another synonym for “well-connected.”  The bigger the returns, the bigger the share for the interested parties.

As an aid to memory, somebody over there at City Hall did try that fast hustle prior to the existing collection contract.  It did not work then; it will not work now.  This should serve as a preemptive alarm.  Central government did have to reach deep for many millions to help out; it cannot be on the sidelines or silent; or else it is going to have to run to the rescue.  Again.  There is trouble stirring.  Truth be told, there is a smell in the air.  It is neither pleasant nor comforting.  Even at this early hour, I sense runnins and tricks and games.  Here is my hard bottom line: only Puran Bros. and Cevons can do the job, as they have demonstrated time and again.  They alone have the resources and depth; they also took a serious financial beating back then.  It is only fair that they be allowed to get on with the good work.

To the adventurous powers at City Hall, who may be tempted I caution that, like Stewart Copeland and the Police, I’ll be watching you.  Yeah, every move you make….  Expect plenty sounds at high decibels.  Get ready.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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