PUC Complaints Department to the rescue after GPL shines then dims

Dear Editor,

Recently, on a Saturday afternoon, two utility poles, one on the northern side and the other on the southern side of our home broke at their bases, bursting some power and telephone lines and disrupting service to several homes in the neighbourhood. Our home was now sandwiched between the poles dangerously supported only by the main power cables. We called the GPL emergency number and within an impressive twenty minutes, the crew was there and removed the dangling live wires. When they left the poles were still leaning precariously over the road, and we were still without power.

Early the next morning, I called GPL and was told confidently that the workers would be there during the morning. With memory of the initial quick response, I waited with trust and hope. However, midday came and there was no crew. Another call – “yes they’ll be there”- mid afternoon, more assurances and so it went till darkness descended.

On Monday, poles over the road, no power, yet with hope still alive, contact was made with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Assurances were given and these were not empty. True to their word, they kept in touch with me throughout the long day.

I say thank you to the Complaints Department of the PUC, especially the head, Ms. Bourne, who was in touch with me way past the end of the working day, as just before the shadows of the setting sun began to fall, a large contingent of GPL workers arrived, replanted the fallen poles, reconnected the wires and restored power to our home. 

Yours faithfully,

Joan Collins

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