Optimistic about prospects for Skeldon sugar estate

Dear Editor,

There is no doubt in my mind that there can be a brighter future for sugar production at Skeldon Estate; what is also becoming a source of increasing encouragement is the recent expansion and enhancement of Skeldon Estate Senior Staff Compound as a recreation and tourism site being run commercially as another income-generating operation which is already attracting increasing usage by residents in the community as well as an increasing number of visitors including foreigners and Guyanese emigrants who return  to the area for various family affairs and who are attracted to the upscale facilities including boarding, lodgings and recreational.

The rate at which the facilities are increasingly being used point to the possible feasibility of expansion…..perhaps even an additional swimming pool to augment the existing playgrounds and other entertainment activities. Bravo Skeldon Management!!!

Those who have not recently visited are encouraged to come and see for yourselves!

PS: I have just learned that the Estate is being prepared to resume sugar production shortly; this is indeed fabulous news and credit must go to the management staff and workers in Field, Factory and Administration as well as the cane farmers for their diligence and responsiveness.

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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