Overcrowding on the Lady Northcote

Dear Editor,

As a concerned resident who traverses on the Lady Northcote from the North-west to Georgetown, I would like to say that I was surprised at the unmannerly behavior of the staff on Monday, September 24, 2018, especially some of the security personnel. I think that Amerindians were treated with disrespect.

My second point is the overcrowding of the boat. The boat is being overloaded with passengers and cargo, making many passengers uncomfortable. What I want the public to know is that persons are paying their fee to have a comfortable ride, and still have to pay the same amount even in an overcrowded boat. I really think that the number of passengers should be limited to an amount that the boat can hold. I am asking for an intervention from the media and suggest that something be done urgently to ensure passengers are comfortable.

Yours faithfully,

Lee Francis

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