Public star-party and astro-poetry

Dear Editor,

I wish to inform the general public that there will be an upcoming public star-party held at the Georgetown Seawall, within the proximity of the Band Stand. The event is led by the Amateur Astronomers Association of Guyana, a non-profit educational movement that is promoting astronomy and science to the public. Additionally, the Association offers free membership to become affiliated with the group and to enjoy exclusive perks only available via its membership programme. The membership form can be found using the weblink:

Finally, just in time for the Christmas season, the Association is giving away two telescopes – astronomical instruments used to observe the stars, galaxies, and planets. This year’s Christmas competition will be based on poetry, referred to as ‘astro-poetry’.

To participate, simply compose a poem related to any theme in astronomy in combination with something unique to the Guyanese experience or culture. A 50mm telescope will be awarded to a child from the age of 12 up to 15 years old, and a 90mm telescope will be awarded to an individual from the age of 16 and up.

The rules to participate are as follows: –

– Poem must not be less than 50 words. – Poem must have elements or themes relevant to Guyanese culture or experience. – Poem must have sufficient reference to astronomical topics, themes, or objects. Example, the milky way galaxy, the constellation of Orion, the Moon, or any ideas such as entropy, laws of gravitation, etc.

To submit an entry, simply email with your poem included or attached, along with the participant’s name and age. It is advisable to use the subject header ‘Astro-poetry Submission’ followed by your name. For example: ‘Astro-Poetry Submission – John Smith’. Children of 12 to 15 years old without an email address could have their parents submit on behalf of them, specifying their child’s name and age. The deadline to submit entries is December 10th, 2018.

Winners are expected to be announced by mid-December, with a message of congratulations sent to their email address used to participate.

Yours faithfully,

Ferlin F. Pedro

Founder of the Amateur Astronomers Association of


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