Time to bring closure for the people of Grenada and the Caribbean

Dear Editor,

 October 25, 2018 marks thirty-five years since Grenada was invaded by the US army. This was one of the most traumatic incidents in the region. The only comparison was the invasion of British Guiana thirty years before that.

In both cases the “reasons” used for the invasions were all false and groundless accusations.

In the case Grenada it was protecting the lives of US citizens, the other Caribbean islands were endangered by Grenada which they said was building a military airfield and lastly the invaders were invited by the then Governor General Sir Paul Scoon.

In the case of BG it was communist plot to take over the country and riots in the streets.

The documents being released by the thirty-year rule have proven in both cases all the “reasons” were lies. The removal of the governments was based on lies and deception. Indeed, it has now been revealed that Paul Scoon signed the “invitation” to invade after the invasion!

The real reason was that the then governments of British Guiana and Grenada were trying to govern in the interest of their peoples. They were being loyal to their promises to the people. For that they were removed.

In the case of Grenada, the internal problems that preceded the invasion cost the region the lives of some of its most talented leaders in Maurice Bishop and other members of his cabinet and leaders of the New Jewel Movement (NJM).

On this occasion let us not forget those true heroes of our Caribbean. The execution of those heroes of our peoples opened the door for the invasion.

The invasion of Grenada marked the resumption of other interventions in many other parts of the world. Recall that since the end of the war in Vietnam in 1975 no country was invaded by the US.

Since Grenada we have seen scores of interventions all being based on untruths and distortions.

Most notable was the invasion of Iraq, Libya and the continuous bombings of Syria all based on unproven accusations. Statements are made without any evidence being provided. Unfortunately, those acts have resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of people, most were innocent civilians. Those lives seem to have no value and only counted as collateral damage.

As we remember Grenada we cannot help to notice another very dangerous development with implications for the whole world taking place. I am referring to the announcement that the United States was withdrawing from a treaty that limited nuclear weapons in our world.

Once more we are hearing that Russia is cheating as the reason put forward. However here is another case where no evidence is being put forward to support such an accusation.

This matter concerns the safety of our world. Scientists have warned that a nuclear war would result in the extinguishing  of life on earth. We are therefore all involved, all of our lives are put in peril.

On this thirty-fifty anniversary of the invasion of Grenada the world should draw the lessons. It is time that morality be injected in politics at all levels, nationally and internationally. Relations internally and internationally must be based on honesty, on truth!

Basing actions on deception and lies have cost mankind dearly, it is time to demand an end to nuclear weapons as a first step to complete disarmament!

 At the time of writing the tragic murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey has shocked the world not least by the beastly way it was committed. This reveals the criminal nature of the Saudi regime.

The US and others have been calling for the release of his body, a call I fully support.

I would also like to renew the call of all the progressive and democratic forces in the Caribbean to have the body of our hero Maurice Bishop released along with his other slain colleagues. Mr Bernard Coard who was Bishop’s deputy had said repeatedly that the US has possession of the body of those executed patriots.

On this occasion we should renew that call to release their bodies now! It is time to bring closure for the family and the peoples of Grenada and the Caribbean!

 Yours faithfully,

Donald Ramotar

Former President

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