Interim dividend for members of Guyana Public Service Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd

Dear Editor,

We respectfully crave your indulgence to publish this statement as a matter of public interest.

“The Interim Management Committee (IMC) and the management of the Guyana Public Service Co-operative Credit Union Limited hereby notify all members that a decision was taken to pay an interim dividend in December 2018.

“We wish to remind all members that the last time dividends were paid was in year 2011. From the available records there appeared to be no attempts to pay further dividends anytime soon thereafter.

“The current management team which assumed office just five months ago has had a lot of work to do in order to position the financial status of the credit union in a state of transparency and respectability to facilitate the payment of a dividend.

“Members are encouraged to note that the payment is an interim one based on accounts we have seen up to year 2013. Work is in progress to ensure that the auditing of accounts for the years 2014 and beyond is completed so that the necessary steps can be taken for the payment of a final dividend to be paid in the new year.

“While we work out the amounts to be available to members in another few weeks we ask that you consider whether you will wish your amount to be deposited in your bank account, in your special savings or whether you may wish to increase your share capital. We expect you to notify us in due course.

“The committee thanks members for their patience and support which you have given us in the discharge of our duties in the interest of you, the members, and the credit union.”

Yours faithfully,

Prem Persaud


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