Former national forward Britton passes away

Former national forward Winston ‘Pat’ Britton, passed away on Thursday January 4th in at the Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York at the age of 75.

Britton, who was known for his superb technique, competed for then powerhouse Sandbach Parker.  He is survived by two children, Wayne and Abigail Britton, as well as several grandchildren.

Among the notable players that Britton competed with and against were Winston Callender, Ovid Henry, George Green, Bruce Cadogan, Monty Hope, George Niles, Alvin Braithwaite, Gerald Francisco and Ken Gibbs.

Charles Daniels, former FIFA Referee who was a classmate of Britton at the St. Ambrose Anglican School in Queenstown remembered fondly, “We were in 5th or 6th standard which was the highest level in our days. We took part in athletics together and he was excellent high jumper. He often beat me at the trials and represented the school at the u12 level.”

According to Daniels, “The only time I saw him on the field is when he played for Sandbach Parker. He was an excellent player, a lanky forward who was a play-maker. They always passed the ball towards him and he did a razzle-dazzle and carried the ball forward.”

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