Synthetic track and field facility to hone Linden talent

Linden, formerly renowned for its bauxite prowess is now in the business of churning out nuggets of raw talent in the form of track and field athletes.

Natives of the ‘Mining Town’, Daniel Williams, Chantoba Bright and Compton Caesar all captured global or Regional medals in a historic 2017 for track and field athletes of the 592.

The government of the day has taken notice.

It was announced recently that an eight-lane synthetic track and field facility is expected to be completed by the end of the year at the Bayroc Community Centre ground in Wismar.

Construction on the facility is expected to begin within this first quarter.

This certainly augurs well for the residents along with the athletes of Region 10 who have placed Guyana on the map despite training on less than ideal surfaces.

Said Mayor of Linden, Carwyn Holland, “This will add to the  existing fervour and excitement the youths of Linden have for track and field. This will also benefit the athletes tremendously because they will have a better facility to prepare for meets and showcase their talent in their hometown.

Holland pointed out that the facility, once completed with stands and other state of the art amenities will boost Sports Tourism in the Mining Town.

“I wish to see the government take it to another level and develop it into a stadium to host several activities and international meets. I think Linden deserves that, it’s ideally what Linden needs. Holland opined that once a stadium is constructed in Linden, it will be the number one place for Sports Tourism in Guyana. “There is no other place in Guyana that gets support for Track and Field like it does in Linden.”

Holland disclosed that hundreds of track and field crazed fans made the trek from Region 10 to Region 3 (at the Leonora Track and Field Centre) last year to support Upper Demerara/ Kwakwani, holders and 16 time-winners of the Champions of Champions’ trophy…a symbol of supremacy for the Nationals Schools Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships.

Holland stated “This is something for Linden to celebrate.

The venue, which will cost in the neighbourhood of $80M, will consist of field components – a football pitch, security fencing, drainage, rest room, etc.

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