West/East Bank Demerara Guinness tournament launched ahead of tomorrow’s commencement

Tournament Co-Coordinator Travis Bess, collecting the championship trophy from Colours Representative Creanna Damon, while other members of the launch party share the moment. Also in the picture from left to right are Outdoor Events Manager Mortimer Stewart, Co-Coordinator Errol Beard, Guinness Brand Manager Lee Baptiste, Communications Director Troy Peters and Referees Coordinator Wayne Griffith

The fourth edition of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ West/East Bank Demerara zone was officially launched yesterday at the Thirst Park Sports Club.

Guinness Brand Manager Lee Baptiste, during the feature address, said that he expects an exciting tournament similar to the recently concluded Georgetown zone adding, “We have had a record turnout with 42 teams, seven of which are first time participants.”

According to Baptiste, the tournament has never received the necessary praise for its contribution to the respective communities. He declared  that the competing teams and supportive fans have been integral to the success of the event.

“Best of luck to the teams and the coordinators,” Baptiste added.

Colours Representative Creanna Damon stated that the company was proud to be a part of the event once again and revealed that their involvement to the competition comes in the form of team kits.

Quizzed if the event has paid the respective levy fees to the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) in their efforts to regulate local football, Communications Director Troy Peters confirmed that the company has not, adding, that the event does not fall under the jurisdiction of the federation.

He said that the company would comply with regulations of the GFF, who are the custodians of the sport locally, once the tournament falls under their purview.

The tournament, which commences tomorrow [January 26th] at the Pouderoyen Tarmac, features 32 teams competing in an initial group stage format.

Group-A comprises Young Ballers, West Side Ballers, Boom-Bang and Jetty Ballers, while Group-B features Mocha, Ballers Empire, Agricola and Kuru-Kururu Asylum Youths and Group-C consists of Torture Squad, Nismes Ballers, Patentia Money Team and Up Like-7.

Meanwhile, Group-D contains Dream Team, Frontline Ballers, ESPN and Police-B, while Group-E encompasses Veterans, Harmony Ballers-A, Zeelugt FC and Facebook Ballers and Group-F features Cayenne Massive, Agricola Gas Team, Hustlers and Brothers United.

Group-G consists of Zeelugt Warriors, Admiral United, Poudeoryen Rising Stars and Showstoppers and Group-H comprises Goal-Getters, Parfait Hard-Ballers, Harmony Warriors, and Police-A.

Upon the conclusion of the group round, the top two finishers will advance to the knockout round in the seven day tournament.

The Pouderoyen Tarmac will serve as the venue for the entirety of the championship. The other playing dates are January 31st, February 2nd, 7th, 9th, 13th and 17th.

Winner of the tournament will pocket $400,000 and the championship trophy. On the other hand, the runner-up will receive $200,000 and the corresponding accolade.

The third placed finisher will receive $150,000 and a trophy, whilst the fourth placed unit will walk away with $100,000 and a trophy.

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