National champ Drayton undefeated after three rounds

Anthony Drayton

National Champion and highest FIDE-rated player in the competition, Anthony Drayton is commanding the plays after remaining undefeated in the opening weekend rounds of the Senior Chess Qualifier last weekend.

Playing in the relaxing environment of the National Aquatic Center, Liliendaal, the Cadidate master with 1945 FIDE points made light work of National Junior Qualifier champion, Joshua Gopaul after disposing of David Khan and Loris Nathoo in the first two rounds.

With a point system allowing one point per win, Drayton now amassed three points while four players trail by half point. These players are former national champions Kriskal Persaud and Taffin Khan who are joined by Roberto Neto and Glenford Corlette.

With a total of 23 players in the competition, seven players sit on two points namely, Gopaul, Aslam Hussain, Ronuel Greenidge, Maria Varona-Thomas, Davion Mars, Nathoo and Rashad Hussain while nine players scrapped one point, these players are: Saeed Anwar Ali, David Khan, Shazeeda Rahim, Calvin Giddings, Kadeem Scott, Frankie Farley, Errol Tiwari, Nyasha Ziswa and Uddhav Bagwandeen.

Meanwhile Clayton Naicker and Chino Chung languish at the bottom of the table, yet to score a point.

The action continues next weekend at the same venue.

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