Records tumble at Novices/Juniors Championship

Gumendra Shewdas

Bjorn Williams and Runita White took the marquee titles at the Novices Powerlifting Champion-ships, but many of the guest lifters recorded several record breaking feats at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Sunday.

The fountain of youth was overflowing at the championships as 69 year-old Noel Cummings set new national 66kg Masters Four raw records in the squat (115kg), bench press (85kg), deadlift (140kg) and total (340kg).

His Buddy’s Gym mate, White, who took the overall female Novices crown, recorded a new 84+kg deadlift record with 175kgs.

Buddy’s Gym products, Lisa Oudit (84kg class (raw) and Nadina Taharally (72kg open and Master 1) also rewrote the record books.

Noel Cummings

Oudit deadlifted 142.5kg, bench pressed 61kg and had a total of 328.5kg, all records. Taharally set new squat (123kg), bench press (65.5kg), deadlift (157.5kg) and total (346kg) records.

Meanwhile, Gumendra Shewdas made his return to the powerlifting circuit after serving a WADA ban.

He won the male Junior Overall (Equipped) Trophy with a total of 502.6kg and wilks of 501.688

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