Continental Group of Companies continue long-term golf sponsorship

Torginol Paints Production Manager, Fenton Persaud hands over the sponsorship cheque to Lusignan Golf Club president Aleem Hussain in the presence of Company Secretary, Mohamed S. Ally, Marketing and Sales Manager, Rudy Jairam, PRO of the LGC, Guy Griffith and other representatives of Torginol Paints.

The Continental Group of Companies, through Torginol Paints, yesterday continued its long term sponsorship of golf tournaments in Guyana with a monetary donation to the Lusignan Golf Club for a tournament to be held in June.

The simple handing over of the cheque took place at the Continental Group of Companies headquarters, Industrial Site, Ruimveldt yesterday where  representatives of Torginol Paints and the Luisignan Gold Club

Exchanged words of encouragement and gratitude for the relationship they share.

Handing over the cheque was Production Manager, Fenton Persaud, who spoke of the company’s continued commitment.

“We have been associated with the Lusignan Golf Club for over 15 years and have been a proud sponsor of the tournament. We see ourselves as assisting in the promotion of golf in the country as well as the development of the facility to make it better so that it can be top notch not only for Guyanese but for foreigners. We will continue to support and hope that with the future association, that the Lusignan Golf Club blossoms,” Persaud said.

President of the Lusignan Golf Club, Aleem Hussain, thanked the representatives of Torginol Paints for their continued support over the years, and spoke of their value to the club.

“The different brands of Torignal Paints have been one of our strongest supporters and without them I do not think the golf club would be in the position it is in today, so thank you very much to the management and staff of Torginol,” Hussain said.

Addressing the notion that golf is an elitist sport was Public Relations Officer, Guy Griffith, who drove home the point that like any sport, one must first attempt then decide from then on if they would like to dedicate the time and effort for developing their skill.

Griffith said: “It is not a matter of your background, it is a matter of you perception of where you can go.

With Aleem at the helm, this year we have ventured out into schools, universities and companies, so immediately, as you hear we are going into schools we have already removed the concept of only a certain class,” he said.

The PRO said that more young people have already shown interest and the enthusiasm to wipe away the thought of golf being only for a select few, and encouraged interested persons to take a chance. “What you need is a proper mindset, because golf demands you to be strong in your thinking. I would tell anyone to take a shot at it to see just how far they can go. The sky is the limit,” Griffith added.

Hussain explained that there are free lessons and equipment provided for use to persons who are interested in learning the sport at the golf club.

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