Richardson leads Sparta Boss past Silver Bullets

Eon Alleyne (left) of Team Extreme, attempting to initiate an attacking move, while being watched closely by Showstoppers players in the Magnum Mash Futsal Championship at the National Gymnasium

Sparta Boss, Future Stars, Leopold Street, Gold is Money and Bent Street secured berths to tonight’s round of 16 stage when the inaugural Magnum Mash Futsal Championship continued on Saturday.

Witnessed by a large crowd at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue, Sparta Boss brushed aside Silver Bullets 3-0. Gregory Richardson tallied a double in the third and 18th minute while Quincy Adams scored in the 13th minute.

Similarly, Future Stars dismantled Channel-9 Warriors 4-0. Curtez Kellman, Akeemo Anthony, Alex Moore and Raphael Edwards netted in the fourth, ninth, 12th and 14th minute each.

Team Extreme’s John Waldron (right), trying to maintain possession while being challenged by two players from Showstoppers, during their 1-1 draw at the National Gymnasium

Also, Leopold Street crushed Mocha 6-1. Mark Jhalu bagged a double in the fourth and 14th minute, while Tyrese Forde netted twice in the seventh and 16th minute.

Darren Benjamin and Okeene Fraser added goals in the sixth and 11th minute each. For the losing team, Rolex Smith netted in the third minute.

Gold is Money needled Ol Skool Ballers 1-0. Colin Nelson scored in the 14th minute.

Bent Street battled past Swag Entertainment 1-0 compliments of an Andrew Murray Jr., goal in the 17th minute.

In other results, Albouystown-B edged Back Circle 1-0. Moses Grittens scored in the eighth minute. Alexander Village continued their giant killing ways, squeaking past Hustlers 1-0. Leon Yaw scored in the 14th minute.

New Market Street and Rugby Team battled to a 2-2 draw. Peabo Hamilton and Rickford Cummings netted for Rugby Team in the fourth and fifth minute apiece while Kevin Baptiste and Mickel Brandt scored in the sixth and seventh minute respectively for New MarketStreet. Similarly, Team Extreme and Showstoppers played to a 1-1 stalemate.

Pernell Schultz scored in the second minute for Team Extreme, while Stephon Jupiter equalised in the 16th minute.

YMCA All-Stars downed Albouystown-A 2-0. Travis Grant and Roberto Osbourne recorded goals in the eighth and 12th minute respectively.

North East La Penitence downed Tiger Bay 2-0. Keifer Brandt and Calvin Moore were on target in the 12th and 15th minute respectively.

Meanwhile, the North Ruimveldt and Sophia fixture was ruled as a non-contest, after both teams failed to take the playing area. The event resumes today at the same venue with the round of 16 stage. Below features the complete list of matches.


Showstoppers vs Back Circle-20:00hrs

Alexander Village vs Swag Entertainment-20:30hrs

Future Stars vs Silver Bullets-21:00hrs

NK Ballers vs Ol Skool Ballers-21:30hrs

Bent Street vs Team Extreme-22:00hrs

Albouystown-B vs Leopold Street-22:30hrs

Sparta vs Ansa McAl All-Stars-23:00hrs

Gold is Money vs North East La Penitence-23:30hrs

Complete Results


New Market Street-2 vs Rugby Team-2

Rugby Scorer

Peabo Hamilton-4th

Rickford Cummings-5th

New Market Scorer

Kevin Baptiste-6th

Mickel Brandt-7th


Showstoppers-1 vs Team Extreme-1

Team Extreme Scorer

Pernell Schultz-2nd

Showstoppers Scorer

Stephon Jupiter-16th


Hustlers-0 vs Alexander Village-1

Leon Yaw-14th


Albouystown-A-0 vs YMCA All-Stars-2

Travis Grant-8th

Roberto Osbourne-12th


North Ruimveldt vs Sophia

No Contest


Bent Street-1 vs Swag Entertainment-0

Andrew Murray Jr-17th


Sparta Boss-3 vs Silver Bullets-0

Gregory Richardson-3rd and 18th

Quincy Adams-13th


North East La Penitence-2 vs Tigerbay-0

Keifer Brandt-12th

Calvin Moore-15th


Leopold Street-6 vs Mocha-1

Leopold Scorers

Mark Jhalu-4th and 14th

Tyrese Forde-7th and 16th

Darren Benjamin-6th

Okeene Fraser-11th

Mocha Scorer

Rolex Smith-3rd


Back Circle-0 vs Albouystown-B-1

Moses Grittens-8th


Future Stars-4 vs Channel-9 Warriors-0

Curtez Kellman-4th

Akeemo Anthony-9th

Alex Moore-12th

Raphael Edwards-14th


Gold is Money-1 vs Ol Skool Ballers-0

Colin Nelson-14th

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