Annual Bounty Farm Handicap Squash Tournament begins today

Nyron Joseph

The Annual Bounty Farm Ltd Handicap Squash Tournament begins today at 6.00 pm at the Georgetown Club on Camp Street.

Fifty participants will take part in two categories; the Open for seniors and Category A for juniors. The Open category includes well-known players such as Nyron Joseph, Regan Pollard, Nicholas Narine, Ashley Kahlil, Taylor Fernandes and junior climber Samuel Ince-Carvalhal.

Category A will no doubt see grand performances from participants Michael Alphonso, Gianni Carpenter and Demetrius DeAbreu, along with the usual anticipated bouts between Kirsten Gomes, Abosaide Cadogan and Madison Fernandes, as they

Michael Alphonso

battle it out for a place at the trophy table on finals day on Sunday.

Matches will run each weekday evening from 6.00 pm and throughout the day on Saturday before finishing on Sunday afternoon. The usual BBQ fundraiser will be held on Sunday.

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