St George’s suffer crushing defeat against Masters Academy

Masters Academy (green) scoring one of their eventual 15 goals against St. George’s High at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue in the Milo Secondary Schools Football Championships. (Orlando Charles photo)

Masters Academy, Sir Leon Lessons and Pure Masters secured lopsided wins when the sixth annual Milo Secondary Schools football tournament continued yesterday at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue.

Masters Academy swamped St. George’s 15-0. Tyrone Khan recorded six goals in the first, 18th, 24th, 26th, 51st and 60th minute, while Carl Lynch tallied a double in the 25th and 29th, Jonathan Bart recorded a brace in the 30th and 57th and Calvin Peters netted twice in the 48th and 56th minute.

Adding goals in the 20th and 59th minute were Elijah Fraser Isaiah Anderson respectively. Similarly, Sir Leon Lessons crushed Cummings Lodge 10-0.

Zion Gray led the assault with a helmet-trick in the 12th, 31st, 58th and 69th minute, while Shan Jones, Keon Forde, John McKenzie, Lennox Young and Closson McLaren netted in the 20th, 30th, 55th, 57th and 60th minute each.

Also, Pure Masters crushed School of the Nation’s 5-1. Joel Murry, Junior Williams, Tyrese Ford and Brandon Solomon scored in the 24th, 38th, 56th and 59th minute respectively.

Adding to the score was an own goal in the 43rd minute. Marius Dalima netted for the loser in the 54th minute. The competition continues today at the same venue.

Complete Results


Sir Leon Lessons-10 vs Cummings Lodge-0

Zion Gray-12th, 31st, 58th and 69th

Shan Jones-20th

Keon Forde-30th

John McKenzie-55th

Lennox Young-57th

Closson McLaren-60th


Masters Academy-15 vs St. Georges-0

Tyrone Khan-1st, 18th, 24th, 26th, 51st and 60th

Carl Lynch-25th and 29th

Jonathan Bart-30th and 57th

Calvin Peters-48th and 56th

Elijah Fraser-20th

Isaiah Anderson-59th

Shannon Samnaught-64th


Pure Masters-5 vs School of the Nations-1

Pure Masters Scorers

Joel Murry-24th

Junior Williams-28th

Own Goal-43rd

Tyrese Ford-56th

Brandon Solomon-59th

School of the Nations Scorer

Marius Dalima-54th

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