Peroune excels at ASK-G national c/ships

The karatekas were on fire Sunday at the Association do Shatokan Karate – Guyana (ASK-G) National Karate Championships at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Thomas Lands with the adult brown and black belts taking over the floor with some surprising and stunning performances in the Kata event.

Joel Kellman’s Empi Kata was excellent for a brown belt despite him not winning a medal because of two superb Kata performances by Roger Peroune who stole the show.

Peroune’s speed, timing and sharpness of technique mesmerised the judges and spectators earning him first place.

Kellman once again performed creditably in the Kumite  competition  where he placed third among the Black belts.

Peroune, who eliminated his first opponent in short time, was also victorious in the final against seasoned veteran Keith Beaton which ensured him of first place in the Kumite competition also.

The tournament saw participation in 40 categories, 20 in Kata and 20 in Kumite and involved youngsters in various age categories showing off their skills.

The participants at Sunday’s ASK-G national karate championships at the Thomas Lands YMCA building.

The closing saw two superb sets of performances from the female adult Brown And Black belts and along with the fiery male 15-17 years Brown and Black belts.

Rebecca Wesley took first place in the female Kata however, there were two disqualifications due to excessive contact which saw Kristine Ramkissoon emerging victorious in the female Kumite.

In the 15-17 male category, strong  performances from Trevon Miller and Charles Benjamin earned them first and second respectively in the Kata division. The Kumite category saw fiery combat resulting in Trevon Miller and Shemar Parkinson placing first and second respectively.

Over 80 competitors from the East Bank, East Coast, West Bank, West Coast and Georgetown participated.

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