GFF improves technical capacity of Region One referees/coaches

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF), staged a two-day training programme for 47 coaches and referees in the Moruca Sub-District of Region #1 on February 17th-18th.

The initiative was aimed at strengthening the developmental capacity of the region and the course was conducted by GFF Technical Development Officer Lyndon Franc and GFF’s Head of Refereeing Stanley Lancaster.

Among the areas covered were Coaching Philosophy and Objectives as well as Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) teaching technique.

On the final day of the training programme, the Frank Watson Memorial U15 and the National Milling Company (NAMILCO) U17 leagues commenced.

Among those in attendance at the launch of the tournaments was Sherwin Abrams, Toshao of Santa Rosa Village who, during remarks said: “History has been made today. In Santa Rosa and Moruca, we have been dreaming of this opportunity. We now have this opportunity to mould it together with you. Most of the times when things like these are launched we often leave it to the club members or a few members to carry the mantle but we will speak collectivity here. We want to see this thing bear fruit, we want to see success.

GFF Technical Development Officer Lyndon France makes a point to players from the Santa Rose area during a training session staged at the Kumaka Sports ground, as part of the GFF Two-Day Training Course on February 17 and 18. (Photo courtesy of the GFF)

“We want at the end of the day to talk good about football. Football has rules, boys and girls, if we want to be successful, if we want to be professional, we must abide by the rules of football. At no point in time, you are bigger than the referee. The referee is the person in charge of the game. I’m appealing to you, be respectful to your fellow players, be respectful to the referee at all times, that is what will carry you through.”

“Our goal is to propose Region One’s membership to the Congress in May 2018 but, of course, that will be based entirely on the work the steering committee does to demonstrate to the Executive Committee that they’re worthy of being inducted as members of the Guyana Football Federation” he added.

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