Some 153 graded at Sunday’s ASK-G competition

Some 153 students turned up to vie for their next stage belt at the Asasociation of Shotokan Guyana grading Sunday at the Thomas Lands YMCA building.

A total of 153 karate students were graded when the Association of Shotokan Karate Guyana (ASK-G) gathered at the Young Men’s Christian Association Hall (YMCA) Sunday.

Despite early morning showers and an unfortunate incident before the students took their examinations, a full house was before the Masters including Head of Institute of Karate Daigaku (IKD) 9th Dan Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai along with 8th Dan Shihan Maureen Woon-A-Tai, Vice Chairman of IKD and 7th Dan Shidan Bernice Hughes.

Dan Diplomas were presented to five of the eight successful students at the November 2017 exams while Shian Amir Khouri and Shian Jeffrey Wong were presented with their Masters Dan Diploma after a successful 7th Dan exam also last November.

Patrick Gurahoo was successfully elevated to second Dan while Kishan Ragubeer, Nikhil Sookraj, Christine Ramkissoon, Aolione Griffith and Doodnauth Jairam were elevated to first Dan.

Moved from 10 KYU to 8 KYU were: Carl Fung-A-Fat, Antwan Chester, Nelicia Higgins, A’Oife Baird, Samuel Klass, Nathaniel Higgins, Yan XI Chen, Scen Douglas, Ezekiel Jones, Gianna Majeed, Godfrey Gibson, Aishah Persaud, Rhea Winter, Isaiah Anderson, Gurav Ram, Oskary’s Jacobis, David Harold and Joshua Rampersaud while Ronaldo Khoshall, Alex Penniston, Kunte Bishamber, Tessie Laud, Romario Jaisingh, Kristen Samaroo, Dharamraj Mohabir and Jeremiah Pile were promoted to 7 KYU and Christopher Jones to 6 KYU.

Moving from 8 KYU to 6 KYU were Jaiya Harricharan, Zhuohong Yanh, Adrian Bhawanidin, Zareezyah Levans, Tamera Hughes, Malini Jainarain, Cindy Sookwah and Savitri Persaud while Julietta Jarvis moved to 5 KYU.

Moving from 7 KYU to 5 KYU were Kevin Fraser, LeAndre Holder and Rohan Sookwah while 4 KYU Mark Henry, Anya Insanally and Jeremy Hargobin were elevated to 2 KYU.

A total of 18 students were promoted to yellow (8 KYU), 28 to orange (7 KYU), 21 to Green (6 KYU), 30 to blue (5KYU), 18 to purple (4 KYU), 7 to Brown (3 KYU), 14 to Brown (2 KYU), 11 to Brown (1 KYU), five to 1st Dan (Black) and one to 2nd Dan (Black).

ASK-G extended thanks to instructors, Roger Peroune, Patrick Guarahoo, Clinton Moriah, Hazrat Ali, Laurence Lowe, Parmeshar Persaud and Mahadeo Ramotar for their dedicated efforts.

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