Bent Street hammer Channel 9 Warriors 13-1 at Futsal

Bent Street produced the most lopsided result hammering Channel 9 Warriors 13-1 when the third annual Petra Organization Futsal tournament continued Tuesday at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

Ryan Hackett recorded a helmet trick in the second, third, ninth and 12th minute while Job Caesar registered a hat-trick in the eighth, 12th and 15th minute.

Adding a brace was Kelsey Benjamin in the 10th and 16th minute while Solomon Austin, Pernell Schultz, Andrew Murray Jr., and Sheldon Profitt added goals in the fourth, ninth, 11th and 14th minute respectively.

Javier Cort scored Channel 9 Warriors lone goal in the 13th minute.

Gold is Money was also among the winners defeating Albouystown 3-1 with a double from Hubert Pedro in the 12th and 13th minute and a 16th minute conversion from Hubert’s cousin Jamal Pedro.

On target in the loss was Moses Grittens in the 14th minute.

In one of the closest finishes of the night, Tucville edged Kingston 3-2 with Jahaal Greaves netting twice in the fifth and seventh minute while Trevon Lythcott netted in the ninth minute.

Bent Street’s Pernell Schultz on the attack against Channel-9 Warriors during their group match in the Petra Futsal Championship at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue Tuesday night.

Kingston’s goals came from Simon Emmanuel and Nigel Denny in the sixth and 15th minute respectively.

In another close encounter, Sophia edged YMCA 4-3. Desmond Cottam tallied a hat-trick in the second, fifth and 20th minute while Dwayne Lowe scored in the 10th minute.

For YMCA, Shevane Seaforth bagged a brace in the eighth and 14th minute while Frank Crandon scored in the seventh minute.

In other results, Back Circle and Leopold Street battled to a 5-5 stalemate. Stephan McLean scored thrice in the fifth, sixth and 16th for Back Circle while Josiah Charles and Adrian Aaron netted in the seventh and 12th minute respectively.

For Leopold Street, Darren Benjamin found the back of the net in the first and seventh minute while Tyrese Forde, Eon Alleyne and Okanie Fraser netted in the 14th, 17th and 18th minute respectively.

For YMCA, Shevane Seaforth bagged a brace in the eighth and 14th minute while Frank Crandon scored in the seventh minute.

Alpha Warriors and Showstoppers contested a 3-3 draw. Opara Benjamin bagged a double in the fourth and eighth minute for Alpha Warriors while Delroy Fraser netted in the sixth minute.

For Showstoppers, Trayon Bobb, Dexroy Adams and Jermaine Samuels scored in the 11th, 13th and 18th minute respectively.

The event continues today at the same venue. At 19:00hrs, Tiger Bay opposes Mocha while Ol Skool Ballers will tackle Xtreme Campbellville from 19:50hrs.

In the third fixture, Future Stars oppose New Market Street at 20:40hrs, while Back Circle oppose Alexander Village from 21:30hrs.

The fifth contest pits Sparta Boss against Plaisance from 22:20hrs while Alpha Warriors will lock horns with Tucville at 23:15hrs.

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