Courts on board with Sunday’s Fitness Games

Court’s Digital Marketing Officer, Roberta Ferguson (left) handing over the sponsorship to Jordana Ramsey-Gonsalves and Noshavyah King.

When the Kares Engineering Inc. Fitness Games is staged Sunday at the National Park, Courts Guyana Inc. will be a key contributor.

Courts Guyana Inc. has been consistent with its support of sports, healthy lifestyles and fitness in Guyana. The company recently started the year with its healthy living promotion which sought to encourage Guyanese to get fit and be healthy in 2018.

According to Digital Marketing Officer, Roberta Ferguson, in keeping with Court’s commitment in the area of healthy living and fitness, Court’s is proud to announce that it will once again be on board with the 2018 Fitness Games.

During a simple ceremony yesterday at the company’s Main Street head office, coordinators of the event, Noshavyah King and Jordana Ramsey-Gonsalves received a $300,000 donation to aid in the expenses of the fourth annual fixture.

Ferguson added that Courts is happy to see the growth and interest in the areas of health and fitness in Guyana and is happy to once again be associated with the event and will be making the contribution of towards its success.

The company will continue to support such initiatives in efforts to bring value home to Guyana.

King and Ramsey-Gonsalves thanked Ferguson on behalf of Court’s for their continued support then encouraged fans to attend the event which promises to be the best one yet.

Fitness Challenge 2018 will see 34 turbo charged gladiators looking to out run, out lift, out jump and outlast each other for the prestigious title of ‘Guyana’s Fittest Man and Woman’.

It will not be easy as it will require maybe some blood, a lot of sweat and perhaps even tears.

Survival of the fittest will also require speed, coordination, aerobic and muscular endurance, and experience with Olympic lifts, raw strength, skill, and a healthy serving of guts, determination and power.

The CrossFit-style challenge which kicks off at 11:00hrs will be the ultimate test of fitness and athleticism.

Tickets cost $1000. Children under 10 will be admitted free.

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