Top teams through to knockout round

Top teams Gold is Money, Bent Street, Showstoppers and Leopold Street reached the knockout round of the Petra Organization Futsal Championships Saturday night.  In the matches played at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue, Gold is Money crushed YMCA 9-2.

Joshua Brown netted a brace in the first and 14th minute, Colin Nelson scored twice in the eighth and 15th minute, Jamal Pedro added two goals in the ninth and 15th minute and Randolph Wagner recorded a double in the sixth and 16th minute.

Supporting with a fifth minute conversion was Hubert Pedro. For YMCA, Frank Crandon and Randy Roberts netted in the fourth and 11th minute apiece.

Similarly, Bent Street brushed aside North East La Penitence 7-3. Job Caesar recorded a hat-trick in the fourth, 13th and 14th minute, while Pernell Schultz scored twice in the first and third minute.

Adding goals in the 18th and 19th minute respectively were Andrew Murray Jr., and Kelsey Benjamin. For North Esat La Penitence, Carl Tudor, Shaquille Browne and Keifer Brandt scored in the first, third and ninth minute apiece.

Showstoppers overcame Kingston 11-9. Dexroy Adams smashed five goals for the victors in the seventh, 10th, 11th, 12th and 17th minute, while Jermaine Samuels tallied a hat-trick in the fourth, eighth and 18th minute.

Contributing a double in the second and 14th minute was Damien Williams, while Delroy Jordan scored in the third minute.

For Kingston, Olson Lewis registered a hat-trick in the 38th second, 9th and 19th minute, alongside a three goal blitz from Collin Clarke in the 12th, 14th and 20th minute.

Adding a double in the eighth and 13th minute was Simon Emmanuel, while Nigel Denny netted in the 15th minute.

Meanwhile, Leopold Street needled Broad Street 3-2. Okanie Fraser, Darren Benjamin and Omallo Williams scored in the first, fourth and 18th minute respectively.

For Broad Street, Shawn Mohammed and Daniel Ross netted in the 14th and 16th minute each.

In other results, California Square downed Channel-9 Warriors 6-3. Dellon Kelly fashioned a hat-trick in the third, fourth and 10th minute.

He was assisted by a David George double in the fourth and 16th minute, as well as a Meshach Barratt strike in the eight minute.

For the loser, Travis Alexander found the back of the net in the seventh and 11th minute, while Junior Thorne etched his name on the scorer’s sheet in the ninth minute.

Also, Sophia and Albouystown battled to a 2-2 stalemate. Moses Grittens scored in the first and 12th minute for Albouystown, while Desmond Cottam and Dwayne Lowe netted for Sophia in the third and 14th minute each.

The tournament continues on Thursday with the quarterfinal round.

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