Palsuram nets helmet trick as Panthers crush Raiders

Timehri Panthers crushed Herstelling Raiders while Soesdyke Falcons and Swan FC needled Diamond United and Agricola respectively when the East Bank Demerara Zone in Frank Watson Memorial U15 Football League continued Sunday.

At the Timehri ground, Panthers defeated Raiders 7-4. Ishmael Palsuram recorded a helmet-trick in the 14th, 21st, 38th and 33rdminute while Tywell Lovell, Prince Forde and Neron Brown scored in the first, 19th and 30th minute respectively.

Raiders’ Sheron James netted a hat trick in the 10th, 44th and 48th minute while Solomon Austin scored in the 25th minute.

Meanwhile, Soesdyke Falcons clawed past Diamond United 3-2. Tyrone Burnette, Malachi Leacock and Troy Gibson scored in the fourth, 36th and 57th minute respectively while Romeo Bradford scored in the 38th and 40th minute for Diamond United.

Swan FC edged Agricola 1-0. Azeem Palacio found the back of the net in the 46th minute while Samatta Point/Kaneville and Mocha battled to a 2-2 draw. Tyrone Ricko and Matthew Austin scored in the 21st and 25th minute for Samatta Point, while Genesis Lewis and Andon Rickford netted for Mocha in the 17th and 27th minute respectively.

Complete Results


Soesdyke-3 vs Diamond United-2

Soesdyke Scorers

Tyrone Burnette-4th

Malachi Leacock-36th

Troy Gibson-57th

 Diamond Scorer

Romeo Bradford-38th and 40th


Swan FC-1 vs Agricola-0

Azeem Palacio-46th


Mocha-2 vs Samatta Point/Kaneville-2

Samatta Point Scorers

Tyrone Ricko-21st

Matthew Austin-25th

 Mocha Scorers

Genesis Lewis-17th

Andon Rickford-27th


Timehri-7 vs Herstelling-4

Timehri Scorers

Ishmael Palsuram-14th, 21st, 38th and 33rd

Tywell Lovell-1st

Neron Brown-30th

Prince Forde-19th

 Herstelling Scorers

Sheron James-10th, 44th and 48th

Solomon Austin-25th

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