Bodybuilding Novices C/ships on tomorrow night

The highly anticipated National Novices Championship will be staged tomorrow evening at the National Cultural Centre.

The competing musclemen and women outfitted with six pack abs, well defined quadriceps, sculpted arms and bikinis will be on display as they battle for supremacy and the tag of Guyana’s top novice bodybuilder and fitness athlete.

This year’s event promises to be of a higher standard since many of the athletes have been through months of gruelling contest prep.

When interviewed, the gladiators promised to bring their ‘A’ game to the stage.

According to President of the federation, Coel Marks “in excess of 20 athletes inclusive of six females will be on the stage displayinzg their physiques.”

Not only will some of the nation’s best physiques turn the stage into their battleground, but for just the fourth time, the flourishing Men’s Physique segment is scheduled to highlight the event.

Aesthetics, symmetry, muscularity, confidence and of course brightly coloured board shorts will be present.

Patrons at the venue can look forward to local hunks posing and flexing their V tapered physiques in a showdown of the ‘battle of the board shorts’.

Tarik Dakhil, Xavier Kirton, Fabian Riza, Odwin Yansen, Indera Moore and Angelica Barroncas are some of the known competitors vying for the title of the Novices Men’s Physique, Bodybuilding and Ms. Bikini champion.

Look for the guys to be dialed in, with their V-tapers and their robust stage personality. Everybody wants to win, so you can be sure the whole field will ‘bring their best package’.

On this highly anticipated night, musclemen and women will compete for trophies and supplement hampers.

Added entertainment will be provided by guest posers, Nolan Smith and Eybo Orford.

Main sponsors include: Fitness Express, Trophy Stall, Gandhi’s General Store, Coel’s Boutique and Chakras Massage Studio.

The championships starts at 19:00hrs and admission is listed at $1500.

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