Intense rivalry anticipated in Colts/Ravens matchup in Mecca final

Some of the trophies that will be up for grabs tonight.

The stage is set for the final of the Road to Mecca V Basketball Championship between two-time defending champions, Bounty Colts and Ravens. The match will be played at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall today from 19:00 hrs while the third place playoff pits Royals Basketball Club against Cobras.

President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation  Nigel Hinds said today’s  final is going to be special.

“I know there has been a lot of back and forth on social media among the teams competing at the top but it is good for the sport, as it is a form of  advertising and it has built up an intense rivalry,” said the former national player.

Colts he said, is a very strong club which has reigned supreme over the last two years but now Ravens has risen from the ashes after dominating basketball for about five years and like the proverbial Phoenix wants to fly again.

The GABF President said he wished both teams the best on the night as it is going to be a very competitive game.

Vice President of the Guyana Amateur Federation and President of Bounty Colts Michael Singh, said he is confident of his team retaining the title for a third consecutive year.

“We are expecting quality basketball, Ravens has always been the club that Colts was primarily built to beat”.

Ravens Player/Coach Darcel Harris, said his team has had a full week of intense training, but said physically stopping the Colts has always been a task, “but we have a proper game plan to execute which I think will bring good results for us”.

Referring to one of Colts top players Shane Webster, Harris said while he is a force to reckon with there is always a plan to stop such players either on the inside or the outside, “so far most of our games have been won on our game plan and we do have a confident plan in place for Mr. Webster”.

Apart from the games, fans can expect fifteen minutes of live performance from local artiste Tamika Marshall along with the cheerleaders.

The winning team will receive the championship trophy and $600,000 cash prize while second and third place finishers will receive trophies and cash prizes amounting to $400,000 and $200,000 respectively.



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