GFRC Electoral Congress aborted for lack of quorum

The Guyana Football Referees Council (GFRC) Electoral Congress was aborted yesterday after the entity failed to acquire the constitutional quorum required to stage its elections.

Hosted at the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Headquarters, Section-K Campbellville, the annual general meeting (AGM) was reportedly attended by less than 20 officials, a far cry of the constitutional requirement of two thirds representation of 117 total individuals. The election has now been rescheduled for May 20th. GFF Technical Development Officer (TDO) Linden France was the federation’s representative at the forum. Presently, GFF Executive Committee member Dion Innis heads the GFRC.

According to sources close the GFRC, “It really looks bad, it just seems like the referees don’t care and not too mindful given the situation. People have lost interest because it seems the GFF President doesn’t want make tough decisions.” The sources declared, “It doesn’t look good and shows that

referees are tired, it shows that the referees are fed up of the situation and want to see changes. The referees right now have no interest until certain things change. The possibility exists that the rescheduled date might have the same outcome.”

According to the sources, “There is an inquiry going on and yet the GFF sent an individual who is involved in that to act as the GFF representative at the East Coast Demerara Election as few weeks back. Its shows clearly that the GFF is not serious about the entire situation.   “I think the GFF is playing politics on certain matters.

Not sure why they didn’t announce the slate, they should have done it in good faith but the percentage wasn’t there for the election.

A slate was proposed but not presented and no one knows who the members of the slate are,” the sources added.

Asked if the referees would support the return of the present administration, the sources added, “I don’t think the referees will support wholeheartedly if the current administration wants to come back. There must be changes.

“Football is at a standstill, from my experience I think the GFF is taking the referees for granted. The referees are always the last to be paid and informed. It is a sad situation and right now the referees are at the lowest in terms of  development and administration.”

“We have to get people there willing to work solely for referees’ development, not self-gain.

Most persons there are working for their own personal agendas. The referees are not

wholeheartedly supporting the council and the GFF because nothing has been done for the referees”, they added.

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