Second half of Elite League Season III in limbo

Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Director of Competitions Ian Alves, has stated that he is uncertain when the second half of Season Three of the Elite League will commence.

When asked if there is a timeline for the competition’s resumption, Alves disclosed, “I am awaiting direction from the executive committee.”

The first half of the ten team tournament concluded during the month of April, with Western Tigers sitting atop the standings on 21 points, one point ahead of fierce rival Fruta Conquerors.

However according to sources close to the GFF, “There is no timeline for the league to recommence. They have not conveyed anything to the clubs. The clubs are still owed monies and the players are still owed their match-day stipends. They have not paid anyone for the nine days so far.”

The source further added, “They are planning to have an award ceremony and owe the players and the clubs, it doesn’t look right. How does that look right in principle? How does it look through the eyes of the GFF? They owe several clubs thousands of dollars in transportation monies, but will be staging an award ceremony? Will the players be invited? And what are they awarding? Because there is nothing significant going on.”

The GFF is slated to stage their first annual Awards Ceremony tonight at the SleepIn International Hotel and Casino on Church Street.

The source continued, “We are into the month of May, the rainy weather is now upon us and it will more than likely limit the restart of the league due to unavailability of grounds. Are they going to call the clubs and truncate the league? I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happening, but it would be very unfair and will influence the outcome of the tournament.”

“I am looking at the time factor and at some point the GFF has to start their calendar year on time, so they can have a smooth flow and at the moment they are not doing that,” the source said.

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