Malteenoes announces plans for all-weather practice facility

Members of the Malteenoes Sports Club Executive Committee. Standing, left to right, Owen John, Troy Lewis, Steven Jacobs, Marcus Watkins, Sean Devers. Seating, left to right, Shawn Holder, MSC president Winston Semple, Deborah McNichol.

The new Executive of the Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) recently held its first Statutory Meeting and announced plans for the construction of an all-weather practice facility.

A number of projects were also decided for the year, including increasing the pool of youth cricketers and growing the general membership of the club.

The brain child of Owen John, the construction of the new practice facility, which will have three pitches, has an estimated price tag of $3.3 million.

Several businesses have provided sponsorship for this project. MSC hopes to develop the facility to also accommodate basketball, volleyball and futsal, in addition to cricket. 

The entire facility, which will cost approximately $6.5 million, will be rented to other sports organisations to provide a source of revenue for the Club.  The club also has plans for the installation of floodlights and is seeking sponsorship for this project.

Past Presidents Claude Raphael, Lance Hinds, and Immediate Past President Neil Barry, overseas and former players have all indicated their willingness to contribute to the club’s continued development. 

The new sub-committees which  were also announced at the first Statutory Meeting, are as follows: Public Relations-Sean Devers (Chairman), Kurtis ‘DJ Casual’ Armstrong, Owen John, Darien Best; Finance: Troy Lewis- (Chairman), Shawn Holder, Marcus Watkins, Deborah McNichol, Lance Hinds; Ground Committee: Troy Lewis- (Chairman), Winston Semple, Shawn Holder; Disciplinary Committee: Adrian Smith (Chairman), Shawn Holder, Sean Devers, Quasen Nedd, Theresa Pemberton; Fund Raising Committee: Deborah McNichol (Chairman), Oswald Pearce, Kurtis Armstrong, Owen John, Troy Lewis, Marcus Watkins, Darien Best, Kefa Naughton, Steven Jacobs, Theresa Pemberton, Alisha Dalrymple; Cricket Committee: Shawn Holder (Chairman), Steven Jacobs, Sean Devers, Marcus Watkins, Owen John, Darien Best, Oswald Pearce.

Current President Winston Semple and Secretary Adrian Smith are ex-officio members of each sub-committee.

The Monthly Club Night and Karaoke will be held tonight at the club’s Thomas Lands venue, and all overseas members back home for the Independence celebrations are encouraged to attend.

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