GFF approves ground breaking insurance policy

Some members of the GFF Executive Committee pose for a photo opportunity following the conclusion of yesterday’s Ordinary Congress. From left to right-Committee Member Magzene Stewart, Committee Member Dion Inniss, Vice-President Rawlston Adams, GFF President Wayne Forde, FIFA Technical Developmental Officer Howard McIntosh, Committee Member Carmel Williams, General Secretary Renella Bourne (Ag) and Committee member Ryan Farias. Missing are Vice-President Bruce Lovell and suspended member Keith O’Jeer.

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) yesterday presented and adopted a national insurance policy when the entity staged its Ordinary Congress at the SleepIn International Hotel. 

Addressing the gathering following the end of the forum, GFF boss Wayne Forde said: “It was another exceptional Congress, we had some important business on the agenda today. Most importantly was the presentation and approval of the national insurance policy.  This is ground breaking for football, we now have a mechanism through our partnership with Assuria Insurance where we will be providing insurance coverage for players and officials throughout the football fraternity.”

He added, “Over the next couple of weeks we will be meeting with each of our member associations to work out the mechanics of implementing this programme. This is significant, not just for football but for sports in Guyana and we are hoping that we can have it implemented in shortest possible time.”

Wayne Forde

According to Forde the GFF has also instituted an audit and compliance committee.

 “The other important agenda item that we were able to achieve was the appointment of the audit and compliance committee which is an important arm in world football. FIFA has insisted as part of our compliance requirements to have an Audit and Compliance Committee installed and we have done that today successfully,” he declared.

Forde also disclosed that the General Council was also informed of the upcoming Federation Cup, which will commence in August 2019.

“We have also shared with the members the launch of the 2019 Federation Cup which will be played in August 2019. During the Federation Cup, they will be no other football played in Guyana. It will be our World Cup. That is going to be a big project so we are hoping to make some specific announcement on the format. The tournament will be played during the month of August for each year,” said Forde.

The former Fruta Conquerors boss also disclosed that the status of the investigation into the switched Mexico vs Guyana 2014 World Cup Qualifier was also addressed.

He added, “We updated the members on the ongoing investigation in the Mexico versus Guyana matter that occurred in 2012. The Executive Committee is committed to resolving this matter and we have shared with the members the work being done by one of our consultants to gather all the facts so that we can appoint the board of inquiry.

“Most importantly today the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Executive Committee presented a clean audit to the members. We made a commitment to ourselves and the members to produce an audit that free of any qualifications and we have put in the hard work over the past couple of months ever since the last congress and today we were able to produce a really good audit. I am hoping that media will give this financial report that was approved unanimously by the members the same level of visibility and attention they did when we had an audit that had in it couple of qualifications.

“We shared with the members some of the projects that we are bringing on stream for youth development competition and female competitions. We shared with them the actual applications that would have gone in for the funding for these competitions so we are very excited about implementing these competitions in the next couple of weeks hopefully in the not so distant future,” he ended.

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