Unavailability of grounds force playoff to today

The unavailability of grounds in Region Four, yesterday prevented the third place playoff between Hope Secondary and Friendship Secondary in the Regional Democratic Council (RDC)/Lloyd Britton/Devcon Construction/Regional Executive Officer (REO) Region Four Inter-Secondary Schools knockout competition from being played.

The match will now take place today weather permitting.

The Everest Cricket Club, which has been the most used venue for the tournament, was the venue for yesterday’s match but the venue was in fact being utilized by the Guyana senior female cricket team for training purposes.

The next option, the Lusignan Community Centre Ground, East Coast Demerara, was ruled out since there are no covers at the ground and this is the rainy season.

Likewise, the Enmore Community Center, East Coast Demerara was also affected by rainfall coupled with no preparation from the groundsmen.

There is hope, however, that the match will be played today as the authorities of the Enmore have already given the assurance that the venue will be ready, weather permitting since it is the only one available.

Both Hope and Friendship clawed their way through the inaugural run of the competition and are likely to produce one of the more high scoring matches.

The final between Diamond Secondary and Annandale Secondary, which was billed for today, is expected to be played tomorrow.

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