FIFA/GFF enter into four-year contract of “agreed objectives”

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), has entered into a four year contract of Agreed Objectives (COA) agreement.

The contract, which was entered on February 20th 2018, was signed by the GFF President Wayne Forde and General Secretary Renella Bourne.

FIFA Deputy Secretary General Zvonimir Boban and Chief Member Association Officer Joyce Cook were the signatories for the world body.

The five page agreement, which was seen by this publication, is entered into for a term of four years and will, subject to clauses 5.2 and 5.3, expire automatically on August 31st 2021.

According to the document, the GFF with assistance from FIFA, has agreed specific priorities and objectives for the development of the sport.

The priorities are, “1. The construction of the GFF National Training Centre, 2. The upgrade of at least one football venue in each Regional Member Association, 3. The acquisition of two 30 seater team buses, one 19 seater staff minibus and one pickup, 4. The funding of the highest level of both men and women leagues and tournaments and 5. To activate a functioning office in each RMA by providing operational office equipment, payment for utilities, rental, administrative staff and the requisite funding for its upkeep.”

The contract revealed that funds must be used for its intended purpose, adding that any decision to use funds for ulterior purposes and motives, must be approved by FIFA, following an official request by the federation.

According to the agreement, “FIFA is entitled to monitor closely the activity of the [Member Association] MA and the local auditors, carry out regular controls and rigorously sanction any situation leading to a misuse or misappropriation of funds granted by FIFA. Amongst other things, in the event of a misuse or misappropriation of funds by the MA or in the event of any other breach of its Agreement (including the Development Regulations) by the MA, FIFA expressly retains the right to withhold any further payments under the Forward Programme as per clause 3 or to terminate this Agreement as per clause 5. The foregoing is without prejudice to any other measures and/or sanctions that may be taken by FIFA under its regulatory framework or any notification to any competent authorities.”

Excerpts from the contract further disclosed, “FIFA may immediately terminate this Agreement and/or any particular MA Project by giving written notice to the MA in the event that: (a) the MA is in breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement, including the Development Regulations/or the respective MA Project and fails to remedy such breach within fifteen (15) days of receiving written notice from FIFA (b) there are valid reasons for a termination, in particular if (i) the MA of any of its key representatives is in breach of other regulations, circulars or decisions of FIFA and/or contracts with FIFA and/or (ii) the May or any of its key representatives are involved in criminal or unethical activity; and/or (c) the MA becomes insolvent, enters into bankruptcy composition, dissolution or similar proceedings, has a receiver, administrator or manager appointed over its business or assets, ceases to carry on its business or claims the benefits of any statutory moratorium.”

“If the Agreement or any MA Project pursuant to this agreement, is terminated for any reason whatsoever (a) all MA Projects submitted pursuant to this Agreement or the respective approved MA Project shall be cancelled automatically and all permissions, authorizations and consents of whatsoever nature granted to the MA under this Agreement or the respective MA Projects shall be immediately and automatically be revoked. (b) the MA shall not assert any claims for damages or other claims against FIFA under any title whatsoever in connection with the termination and (c) any funds received by the MA from FIFA under this Agreement, which upon termination have not yet been used by the MA, shall remain in the bank account set up as per article 8.1. (d) of the Development Regulations; such funds shall not be used by the MA without the written approval of FIFA”, the document added.


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