Ragbeer confident Floodlights will defend NY Independence Cup title

Ramchand Ragbeer

The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) will be sending two teams to the New York Independence Cup where the Floodlight over 45 team will defend their title while Floodlights Legends will compete in the over 50 category for the first time.

The tournament, which is organized by the New York Softball Cricket League (NYSCL) will see teams vying for titles in three divisions from June 29 to July 1.

To date, the over 45 team has won eight international titles including two New York Legends Cup, two Florida Cups and two Orlando Cups while having finished second seven times.

Ramo Malone

In a statement GFSCA President Ramchand Ragbeer said he was confident that the team could defend the NY Legend Cup title to make it a hat trick of titles. He said that the team has survived the test of times winning 20 consecutive matches in the annual International Softball Cricket tournament.

The team has been practicing daily at New Trafford, an all-weather turf practice facility at 93 Dennis Street, Campbellville. 

A pool of 30 players were recently selected with Ramo Malone to lead the Floodlights over 45 side and veteran Dharam Persaud to lead the Floodlights Legends over 50 team. 

The players named are: Ramo Malone, Anil Beharry, Uniss Yusuf, Robert Mohan, Tulshi Lutchman, Ramesh Narine, Jagdish Persaud, Lloyd Ruplall, Kamraj Sumair, Akash Lutchman, Clive Canterbury, Richard Kellawan, Thiladeo Tribhowan, Wayne Jones, Dharam Persaud, Armogan Gopaul, Goordial Mattai, Stephen Narine, Surendra Nauth, Ricky Deonarain, Vejai Lutchman, Mike Singh, Rabindra Singh, Richard Ramsuchit, Rohan Dudnauth, Vicky Ramsaywack, Jailall Deodass, Teekchand Madhoo and Naidu Gopaul.

Unos Baksh is the stand-by.

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