Fathers flock National Park for Malta Supreme fishing competition

Sponsors and some of the fishermen take a photo op during the exciting Father’s Day activity

Fathers across Guyana flocked the National Park, Thomas Lands in record numbers for the fourth annual Banks Malta Fathers’ Day Fishing competition on Sunday.

With 57 teams of three each, the fishing enthusiasts were faced with regular showers but that did not stop them from enjoying the day with their families with some even picnicking and enjoying the sweet melodies from the pulsating stereo and enjoying drinks from the bar.

With over $150,000 in prizes and trophies, Fishing Family were the first to strike, less than 10 minutes into the time allocated.

RHYS plucked the largest catch of the day, measuring nearly 20 inches with a weight of over four pounds.

Number one Fishing Squad produced the second largest catch of the day with Marlon Skeete copping third place.

Warriors were the luckiest of the day, catching a total of 13 fishes, the most by some distance while Campers tallied nine catches, one more than third placed Superstrikers.  Speaking to Malta Brand Manager, Clayton McKenzie said this was by far the biggest turn out the competition has had even though the rain had detoured some persons from coming out.

Nevertheless, McKenzie rated the tournament as a success and coincided with Banks Malta’s aim of giving back to the country and fulfilling their corporate responsibility.

McKenzie added that the Fishing venture was one which allowed families to interact and enjoy doing something that fathers tend to like in a relaxing environment, something he intends to better as the years go by.

Speaking to one of the families during the competition, they related that this is one of the events that has become a tradition for their family of recent and look forward to it as the years continue.

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