Central Services through to domonoes final

Scenes from the semi-final clash between Power Generation, Central Service and Pre-Sellers in the Banks DIH Limited ‘President’s Cup’ Inter-Department Domino Championship.

Central Service stormed their way into the final of the Banks DIH Limited ‘President’s Cup’ Inter-Department Domino Championship after defeating Pre-Sellers and Power Generation Monday in the semi-finals.

Played at the Thirst Park Sports Club, Central Service recorded an impressive score of 84 games. Pre-Sellers finished on 72 games and earned their place in the final as the third place team.

Power Generation was eliminated after ending on 65 games. Central Service and Pre-Sellers will now oppose Trisco, who had earned a bye to the final.

Power Generation started brightly in the match, recording 14 games while Central Service and Pre-Sellers ended on 13 and 12 correspondingly.

Pre-Sellers then took the lead in the second round, tallying 13 games to end on 26. Central Service scored 10 games to finish on 23, while Power Generation tallied a meager three games to conclude on 17.

It was from this point that Central Service took control of the match, scoring an impressive 16 games to end on 39 in round three. Pre-Sellers and Power Generation ended on 35 and 28 respectively.

Central Service extended their lead in the fourth sitting, amassing 16 games once more to sit on 55 games. Pre-Sellers and Power Generation lagged behind on 45 and 38 games respectively.

Pre-Sellers reduced the deficit in the fifth round, scoring 16 games to enter the final stanza on 61 games. Central Service recorded 14 games to finish on 69, while Power Generation battled to 53.

Central Service sealed the result in the final round, as they registered 15 games. Power Generation and Pre-Sellers scored 10 and nine games each.

Winner of the tournament will receive five cases of Guinness and a championship trophy while the runners-up will pocket five cases of Banks Beer and the respective accolade. The third place finisher will pocket five cases of Malta and the corresponding trophy.

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