‘Dynamic’ motocross challenge set for July 29 

Some high octane and intense action is on the cards come July 29 at Lower Kara-Kara Spike Land, Linden (Ackeem Thomas Photography)

Motor-racing enthusiasts will have a chance to test their skills or view some pulsating action when the first of the 2018 Motocross champion series is held on July 29 at Lower Kara-Kara Spike Land, Linden.

The motocross challenge will make a return in the Region 10 Community after close to eight years in hiatus and according to racer Steven Nobrega, who is a part of the planning committee, the event will be like no other and will ask different tasks of riders and in-turn bring greater thrills to fans.

 “This track will be completely different from the norm.  It will be longer and has a lot more turns, we also have an incline…..