Winners of Bartica Independence Cup Tournament receive prize monies

The top three finishers in the Bartica Football Association (BFA) Independence Cup Football Tournament were presented with their prize monies by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF).

Mil Ballers emerged as the champions of the event, which ran from May 13th to June 27th, and for their accomplishment pocketed $100,000.

Lazio finished as the runners-up, while River View copped the third spot. The two teams collected $75,000 and $50,000, respectively.

GFF President Forde during brief remarks said, “I am very happy with the efforts being made by Bartica to reignite the passion for the game and equally encouraged by the support of the fans. This is one simple step in rebuilding Bartica’s reputation for producing excellent National footballers.”

The tournament which was sponsored by the GFF and organised by the BFA, featured eight teams divided into two groups of four.

Group-A consisted of Beacons, Mil Ballers, Wolves United and Strikers, while Group-B featured Lazio, Potaro Strikers, Rising Stars and Rivers View.

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