Keep Ya Five Alive now set for Thursday commencement

Following a false start on Saturday, the 6th edition of the GT-Beer ‘Keep Ya Five Alive’ Championship will officially kick-off on Thursday at the National Gymnasium.

Tournament coordinator Kevin Adonis, revealed that the rescheduling of the tournament was due to adhering to a mandate from the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) on the appearance of Elite League players.

According to Adonis, “This recent development ordered by the GFF ultimately forced me to reschedule the opening night from last Saturday to this Thursday to ensure that teams have the opportunity to discuss the directive set by the Federation in order to avoid any consequence (s) of their decisions.”

Adonis added it was unfortunate that the mandate passed down from the GFF was not part of the initial notification he had received, which would have provided ample time to initiate discussions with the competing teams and avoid the unfortunate episode…..