Bartica Zone kicks off tonight

Guinness Greatest of the Streets

The Bartica Community Centre Tarmac will come alive tonight, when the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ kicks-off with six knockout matches.

Street Kings will oppose Hard-Tackle in the tournament opener at 19:00hrs, while SML will battle Almanac Kings from 19:30hrs in the second affair.

In the third clash, Agatash will lock horns with Potaro Strikers from 20:00hrs, with Impact facing off with Goal-Raiders at 20:30hrs.

In the fifth showdown, defending champion Rivers View opposes Mighty Rulers from 21:30hrs, whilst BLB Squad will lock horns with Arcade Lotto in the final showdown at 21:30hrs.

The winners will advance to the quarterfinal round on Saturday.

Prior to the commencement of the quarterfinal matches, the final two matches in the round of 16 will be played. At 19:0hhrs, last year’s losing finalist Police will oppose Disconnection Crew, while Joan’s Avenue will battle Times Square at 19:30hrs.

The winner of the tournament will pocket $350,000 and the championship trophy. They will also earn the right to represent the zone at the National Championship slated to be commence on July 27th.

The losing finalist will receive $200,000 and the respective accolade, while the third and fourth place finishers will walk away with a trophy, and $100,000 and $75,000, respectively.

Opening Night Fixtures:

Streets Kings vs Hard-Tackles-19:00hrs

SML vs Almanac Kings-19:30hrs

Potaro Strikers vs Agatash-20:00hrs

Impact vs Goal-Raiders-20:30hrs

Rivers View vs Mighty Ruler-21:00hrs

BLB Squad vs Arcade Lotto-21:30hrs

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