Michael Pereira/Banks DIH Inter-Dept Dominoes

Vehicle Workshop crowned champion

Vehicle Workshop was crowned the Michael Pereira Inter-Department Domino Champion, overcoming the ardent challenges of Trisco and Sales Department on Wednesday.

It what can be described as an instant classic, the veteran Vehicle Workshop unit overcame a four game deficit in the final sitting to secure the coveted title in a nail-biting finale.

Trailing Trisco (60) and followed closely by Sales Department (55) in the final stanza, Vehicle Workshop (56) snatched the unlikeliest of victories with a master class performance.

They recorded 16 games to finish on 72 games, edging the capable combination of Sales Department and Trisco, who secured with 15 and 10 games, respectively, to finish on 70 games apiece.

With the win, Vehicle Workshop collected six cases of Guinness and the championship trophy. Trisco clinched the second spot after securing more ‘sixes’ via a 7-5 scoreline over Sales Department.

They received six cases of Banks Beer and a trophy, while Sales Department pocketed six cases of Malta.

The clash started brightly for Trisco, who ended the first period on 15 games, while Sales Department and Vehicle Workshop finished on 12 and 11 games apiece.

Trisco maintained their lead in the second sitting, tallying 12 games to end on 27, with Sales Department and Vehicle Workshop ending on 24 and 23, respectively.

The dogged Trisco unit continued to dictate the clash, amassing 15 games to end 42 in the third round, as Vehicle Workshop and Sales Department lagged behind on 32 and 30, respectively.

However, Vehicle Workshop commenced their comeback in the fourth sitting, recording 14 games to finish on 46. Trisco and Sales struggled to nine games each to finish on 51 and 39, respectively.

The final was then set up perfectly for a tense finish following the fifth stanza, as Sales Department tallied 16 games to move to 55, with Vehicle Workshop and Trisco claiming 10 and nine games each, to conclude on 56 and 60, respectively.  

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